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New York, NY March 3, 2014 Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman today announced the Community Overdose Prevention (COP) program, which will enable every state and local law enforcement officer in the state of New York to carry naloxone, the extremely effective heroin antidote that can instantly reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. COP will provide funding to equip each state or local officer with naloxone, known under the brand name Narcan, and train the officers to properly administer the life saving drug..

This study does not apply external methodologies to the research design, but extracts its methods and values from an existing knit design practice, built from experiential knowledge, that becomes the basis for the methodology. Qualitative and quantitative measures of success are both vital to the methodology used in this study and both subjective and objective perspectives are embraced. The practical work uses designer maker practice to lead the development of 30 auxetic fabric samples.

Stones are the most common kidney problem in people with inflammatory bowel disease like Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis. Bowel problems can give you diarrhea, so you make less pee. That’s when your body mass index is 30 or above. You may also knock on the piece and listen to the sound that it makes. Real copper will have a deep and mellow sound, as opposed to brass, which can be high pitched and tinny. Typical use in: Wires, Motors, Roofing, Plumbing, Cookware and cook utensils, Rainspouts Brass The word brass refers to any alloy that contains copper and zinc.

Our overlords have been successful in creating generations of non thinking automatons who have been socially engineered through government education and TV programming to feel (not think critically) and be easily manipulated through their techno gadgets, the boob tube, and now social media. We are drowning in trivialities, mindless entertainment, gossip, and propaganda, unable to decipher truth from falsehood. The “truth” is whatever suits the purposes of those in power.

The rideshare company became Public Enemy No. 1 after CEO Travis Kalanick was appointed as an economic advisor to Trump, and the company’s scabby actions over the weekend prompted many Uber users to bravely delete the app and switch to Lyft, Uber’s pink mustachioed counterpart. The 99 percent of Uber drivers who also work for Lyft reportedly responded with a collective _()_/..

(NaturalNews) TSA agents stand accused today of fondling the genitals of women and little children as part of their “enhanced pat down” procedures being rolled out at airport security checkpoints. Today, Michelle, an employee working at the Alex Jones’ InfoWars studios, has gone public with accusations that a male TSA agent felt up her crotch and fondled her breasts at a security checkpoint in Denver. A male agent attempted to feel up the crotch of her little girl, too..

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