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Minor, showing increased population growth on, and preference for, parasitised plants. The spittle bug also showed a preference for parasitised plants. The grasshopper, Chorthippus brunneus Thunberg (Orthoptera: Acrididae), did not show a preference for, or a performance response to, parasitised hosts, but it consumed significantly more plant material when caged on parasitised plants..

And yes, traffic will get diverted onto side streets if there is a backup on the freeway, but mainly only Pacific Avenue and Martin Way along about a ten block stretch. It doesn’t happen that often but it is a pain in the butt when it does. I 5 is definitely an issue at times, but no worse than most cities experience..

In uniform but off duty, Guyger testified last week that she wanted to “find the threat” after hearing movement in her apartment. She saw a silhouette and and demanded to see his hands, she said. The person approached in a “fast paced walk,” she added, and she fired two shots at what she believed to be an intruder..

This photomosaic from Curiosity’s Navigation Camera (Navcam) taken at the edge of the entrance to the Dingo Gap shows a 3 foot (1 meter) tall dune and valley terrain beyond to the west, all dramatically back dropped by eroded rim of Gale Crater. View from the rover’s current position on Sol 528 (Jan. 30, 2014).

While ATA is the most important SETI installation, it isn’t the only one, and that keeps alien hunters from despairing completely. The public often assumes “SETI” and “The SETI Institute” are one and the same, but the former is an entire field of astronomy, while the latter is just one institution. There’s an ongoing SETI search using the giant Arecibo radio telescope in Puerto Rico, and Harvard astronomer Paul Horowitz is looking for aliens that might communicate with lasers rather than radio beams.

EXCESSIVE DRINKING IN MONTREAL DIVIDED BY LANGUAGE: A new poll suggests the binge drinking habits of Montrealers are firmly divided along linguistic lines. The survey commissioned for Educ by polling firm CROP indicates English speaking Montrealers are more likely to drink to excess than their francophone counterparts, with allophones consuming even less alcohol. The results unveiled Tuesday suggest that nearly half of the anglophones surveyed admitted to binge drinking in the past year, while about 15 per cent admitted to driving while drunk.

And then he would turn up his collar and swagger away, job done clinically yet with such flair. That swagger, the swaying of the hips, the brim of the sunhat tilted forwards, the collar pointing to the sky were all a result of his adoration of Sir Garfield Sobers, whose hundred against New Zealand at the Kensington Oval in 1972 was the definitive moment in the thirteen year old Malcolm’s dream to reach the top. He wanted to BE Sobers.

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