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His latest research involves creating a tiltable LMT previously thought to be almost impossible by using a thin, reflective layer of self assembling metallic nanoparticles.LMTs are made by spinning a reflective liquid, usually mercury, on a bowl shaped platform to form a parabolic surface, perfect for astronomical optics. A handful of LMTs are being used today, including a 6 meter LMT in Vancouver, Canada, and a 3 meter version that NASA uses for its Orbital Debris Observatory in New Mexico.Borra and his colleagues have been experimenting by using different liquids to create LMTs, since part of their research has been geared toward studying the feasibility of constructing a large LMT on the Moon, and mercury freezes at temperatures found at the lunar poles. Since low temperature liquids like small hydrocarbons (such as ethane) are not shiny, Borra has been trying to deposit a reflective metal on the surface of these liquids.

And those are the sort of whatever the judge says goes rules that can be very unfair like jailing someone when their kid is sick or if their car breaks down or if their bus is running late or if their job fires them or is mad at them or a million other things that are much more likely to occur to someone without Meredith money and stature in the community and then the only time it really mattered and she couldnt be there. She got a consequence. As far as I concerned she cried wolf..

Background: This study addresses the thorny issue of mandatory personal psychotherapy within counselling and psychotherapy training. It is expensive, emotionally demanding and time consuming. Nevertheless, proponents argue that it is essential in protecting the public and keeping clients safe; to ensure psychotherapists develop high levels of self awareness and gain knowledge of interpersonal dynamics; and that it enhances therapist effectiveness.

Remember, the law doesn’t require people to give out candy on Halloween. Your neighbors and friends are doing it because it’s fun and they want to see everyone have a nice time. A little “thank you” before grabbing a handful of candy goes a long way.

“Some have a lot of knowledge and a lot of experience, and perhaps there’s concern that if they do stand down, someone with a belief system unlike their own could take their place,” says retired Brig. Gen. Peter Zwack, senior Russia Eurasia Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies at the National Defense University in Washington..

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