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This thesis makes the case for cognitive justice in community university engagement in three main areas. The first is to suggest that the participative conditions necessary for cognitive justice include relational practices of engagement and the presence of deliberative characteristics to knowledge creation and use. The second is to argue for an inseparable connection between knowledge and participation in practice, and thus that the degree to which cognitive justice can be considered central to social justice requires practices to go ‘beyond recognition’ of diverse knowledges alone.

He liked to sit in the window and watch the cars go by. He had never used one, no need. They danced through the street yellow and red and black and grey weaving between each other like the shuttles of some immense arachnaen loom depicting the lives of millions of people living so close and still so far.

Samsung XP941 was one of the first high end PCIe M.2 SSDs aimed at OEMs and it greatly helped to promote the form factor among PC makers in 2014. The SM951 SSDs significantly increased performance of flash storage sub systems compared to its predecessor and introduced NVMe to numerous OEMs a year later. In fall 2015, the Samsung 950 Pro finally brought NVMe and performance of the SM951 to retail market..

The interactions between the Sun and our planet are just another gift we get from the night sky. If you’ve never seen an aurora with your own eyes, you really need to add them to your bucket list. Organize a trip to northern Europe or Alaska and get a chance to see this amazing display of nature..

The next leg of the visit will land Trump in Tel Aviv at a time when the Israelis will be marking the 50th anniversary of the Six Day War that poisoned the Middle East forever and led to Israeli troops taking control of Jerusalem. Trump will arrive in the region when the so called Arab Spring has sunk some of the arch enemies of Israel into oblivion. Even Hamas is coming to terms with the new realities and has offered a softer stance on the six decade old conflict by offering to accept the idea of a Palestinian state which would fall within the borders that existed in 1967.

There is a tension in this retrospective between Sherman the artist and Sherman the mime. Sanford Schwartz of the New York Review of Books said of the New York retrospective that he had originally thought Sherman the artist to be “at the beck and call” of Sherman the mime. In a medium so effortlessly mimetic as photography and with the advent of Photoshop, so hyper realistically anti mimetic also the subject’s artistry is equally important as that of the artist.

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