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These maps, at 100, 143, 217, and 353 GHz, are early versions of those that will be released in final form later in 2016. The improvements allow us to determine the cosmic reionization optical depth using, for the first time, the low multipole EE data from HFI, reducing significantly the central value and uncertainty, and hence the upper limit. Two different likelihood procedures are used to constrain from two estimators of the CMB E and B mode angular power spectra at 100 and 143 GHz, after debiasing the spectra from a small remaining systematic contamination.

For the purpose of experimental study and validation, a laminated gypsum board consisting of a 4 mm PCM layer was evaluated in a naturally ventilated condition. It achieved a maximum heat exchange of 15.6 W/m2 and a maximum energy storage of 363.7 kJ/m2. A model room built with the laminated PCM gypsum boards was also evaluated and achieved a maximum temperature reduction of 5 C as compared with 1.8 C for the one with ordinary gypsum board.

Associate professor of digital arts and new media at the University of Oregon, Salter proves this, literally, in his latest project coming to the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs’ Gallery of Contemporary Art. Gallery director Daisy McConnell refers to styrobot: something comes from nothing as a “project” because of its multifaceted approach. It’s an: installation, sculpture, found art piece, post humanist revolutionary statement on consumerism and wastefulness, pop art item .

Starting with major news outside the Capitol, we expecting to know in less than three weeks whether former Governor Rick Perry will run for president. Perry wife, Anita, tweeted out an invitation this morning to an event in Dallas on June 4th with the caption, and I have been discussing the future of this great country and how our family can play a role. Widely assumed Perry will once again run for president.

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And abdominal strain injury that lingered his entire last 3 years and then the neck injury. Had he only had the Abdominal strain and taken a year off, he may have played 12 years. But he would not take the time and let it heal and it cost his the neck injury.

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