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Google X, the secretive research lab famed for its work on Glass and Google self driving cars, has unveiled its next product: Smart contact lenses. The first smart contact lens, aimed at diabetics, takes a glucose level reading every second from the tears that wash over your eye when you blink, and transmits that data wirelessly to a nearby device. Google doesn say what device, but presumably a smartphone or Google Glass.

So called modulated nematic phases exhibit this same orientational order with an additional spatially periodic modulation of the nematic director, the most common of which is the twist bend nematic phase. We report a pentaerythritol derived tetrapode which exhibits a nematic like mesophase at ambient temperature, and we denote this new mesophase ‘NX’ to indicate a nematic phase of unknown structure. X ray scattering experiments refute the possibility of positional order, yet optical textures are consistent with a periodic structure.

The IPB was implemented by children TMs centres in both intervention arms, with greater implementation in the IPB+ arm. Compared with usual care, more IPB+ arm families received advice on key safety messages, and more families in each intervention arm attended fire safety sessions. The intervention did not increase the prevalence of fire escape plans [adjusted odds ratio (AOR) IPB only vs.

Jawbone Up and Up 24 fitness bands let you track a bevy of factors relating to your well being, from the number of steps you take each day to how well you sleep. Today, the company is announcing a second Up app for the iPhone. Developed by Jawbone Labs an enterprise that lets Jawbone employees get experimental with personal projects the new software is free and doesn require an Up wristband.

We investigated the WHD in full length Hel308, identifying that mutations in a solvent exposed helix resulted in reduced DNA binding and unwinding activities. When isolated from the rest of Hel308, the WHD protein alone bound to duplex DNA but not ssDNA, and DNA binding by WHD protein was abolished by the same mutations as were analyzed in full length Hel308. Isolated WHD from a human Hel308 homologue (HelQ) also bound to duplex DNA.

Bend City Councilor Chudowsky argued to work to keep Mirror Pond at its historic water level if financially viable. Blair, who sits on the Bend Paddle Trail Alliance, laid out a hybrid plan to keep the level of the pond, and replace the dam with a new structure. Houston then described the ecological benefits of removing the dam and creating a free flowing river..

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