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The complete scientific ignorance of mainstream journalistsSometimes I wonder what it takes to be a corporate controlled journalist these days. First, it requires that you be a complete moron on topics such as biochemistry, food, agriculture, nutrition, basic science, the environment, economics, the money supply and of course world history. It’s almost as if mainstream media journalists are comprised of people who have been voluntarily lobotomized so that they now “qualify” to write for the dumbed down media..

Numerical closed loop experiments show that the spatial and temporal distribution of boundary layer aircraft data have the potential to substantially improve current knowledge of these fluxes, with improvements related to data density. Using the aircraft data, we estimate aggregated regional fluxes of 3.60.3108 and 0.70.1108gmonth 1 for CHBr3 and CH2Br2 over 130 155E and 0 12N, respectively, which represent reductions of 20% 40% of the prior inventories by Ordez et al. (2012) and substantial spatial deviations from different a priori inventories.

God Bless the congressman from the 14th district of Texas. He is showing us that things could be different if we would only take the initiative to change them. However, when you look at the 2004 election, it becomes clear that this cannot happen under the current system.

The hut provided excellent space for the research group, fostering a relaxed yet hard working research environment where the research students and postdocs had unrivalled flexibility to customise the space. Miraculously, settees and easy chairs appeared from the sale rooms where Dunelm House now stands, forming the core of a home made coffee lounge, with a blackboard and even a dart board to facilitate relaxed research debates and discussions. It was rumoured, probably apocryphally, that the group had considerable expertise in home brewing and that some members were semi professional dart players for the Vic team in Hallgarth Street, which competed in the regional league.

The unmanned space telescope, which launched in 2009, revealed that billions of hidden planets are in space and revolutionized humanity’s understanding of the universe, experts said. Scientists were able to get all the data from Kepler down to Earth before it completely ran dry. Nasa said it has decided to retire the spacecraft “within its current, safe orbit, away from Earth.”NASA’s retired principal investigator for the Kepler mission, Bill Borucki, described it as an “enormous success.” “We have shown that there are more planets than stars in our galaxy,” Borucki said.

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