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The world today is plagued by problems of unscalable complexity, ranging from global warming to geopolitics to extreme market volatility. All these realities will profoundly impact the coming generations and redefine our role in shaping the future. But nothing will cause such tectonic change as the advent of superhuman intelligence on earth.

BACKGROUND: Genomic methods have proved to be important tools in the analysis of genetic diversity across the range of species and can be used to reveal processes underlying both short and long term evolutionary change. This study applied genomic methods to investigate population structure and inbreeding in a common UK dog breed, the Labrador Retriever. Black, yellow, brown).

Similar analyses were carried out for genetic and transcriptomic changes in CDK18 within several publically available breast cancer cohorts. Additionally, we used a deactivated CRISPR/Cas9 approach to elucidate the molecular consequences of heightened endogenous CDK18 expression within breast cancer cells.Results: High CDK18 protein expression was associated with triple negative and basallike phenotype (p=0.021 and 0.027 respectively), and surprisingly, improved patient survival (n=1200, Log Rank 3.631, p=0.06). This was particularly significant in ER negative breast cancers (n=594, Log Rank 6.724, p=0.01) and those treated with chemotherapy (n=270, Log Rank 4.575, p=0.03).

The three countries also recognise the lack of knowledge to perform the economic analysis, in particular in quantifying the costs of and social benefits derived from their measures. It is concluded here that a better use of the regional and European coordination structures is needed to fill the gaps in knowledge and to exchange good practices. More political will is necessary to take action at European and international level to mitigate the impact of those socio economic activities through joint programmes, for which Community funding is available.

Writing in the Nation soon after the tour began, Tony Cozier unravelled the link between the seven Bajan cricketers who undertook the journey, articulating their monetary positions. None had worked in Barbados during the off season for some years preceding the tour. Clarke, who had three daughters to support, was a carpenter by trade but had not worked as one since he began his cricket career in 1978.

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