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Laser scanning has emerged as a complementary assessment method of fire damaged concrete with a couple of advantages in that the whole concrete element can be scanned and an average intensity value over the area concerned can be determined which would represent the whole element overcoming the challenge of some traditional methods where cores are drilled in limited areas. Scanning is rapid with millions of points measured in a few seconds. Laser scanning of the fire damaged structure can be done from a distance without having to enter the structure and this improves safety.

Baas; orig. Perhaps it was a term of endearment used in addressing superiors (comp. Amme, Muhme, Bube, Buhle). It’s not the nicotine, it’s the chemical hangover that demands they use a drug for relief. It’s like whiskey and aspirin. Quit smoking bleach and you don’t crave nicotine.

To the contrary, almost all pro gun voters WILL vote single issue, and these idiots that decided to place their national party platform above their constituents will feel their wrath come election time. The proper term for Cal condition I believe is a corrupt oligarchy of special interest groups. State employee union thugs, SEIU, CTA, and many more who serve their own narrow self interest .

Michael has developed the use of finance software in teaching, learning and assessment to stimulate interest and scholarship in an undergraduate economics module. The software enables the use of real time data to demonstrate the interaction of news and financial markets live. He demonstrated the type of ‘active’ analysis which can be conducted by students in class.

Ini Umotong: The striker plays for English side Brighton and Hove Albion and has made seven appearances for Nigeria. The highly rated forward, 25, was in the Super Falcons’ provisional squad for France 2019 only to have her tournament dreams dashed when the squad was announced last month. The former Birmingham City and Oxford United player has a First Class Honours degree in Economics from the University of Southampton..

Once you register and create an account, you can add your cars. Each time you fill the tank, you can enter the odometer mileage and the amount of fuel you put in along with the price. This is a convenient way to track your fuel consumption and compare it to what other people with similar cars are getting.

The troops used batons, fire hoses, pepper spray, sound grenades and riot shields to plow through the hundreds strong crowd, residents said. Group leaders said that at least 300 people were wounded in the clashes. Their accounts could not be independently corroborated.

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