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It’s a familiar story: An established, household name company, having underestimated competitive challenges from upstart competitors, finds it has no financial alternative but to put itself up for sale. It happens all the time, especially in retailing. Whether it’s a small Mom and Pop merchant folding under pressure from Wal Mart or a (once) huge chain such as Sears trying to reinvent itself for the nth time in response to more nimble discounters (another Wal Mart casualty), it’s almost impossible to compete against a combination of scale, tech savvy and a low price strategy..

So they thought we were going to invade norway or someother northern country to get to Europe and moved all their troops up north which created the illusion of superior numbers. But in reality there was strategy involved which made it so. That why the german counter attack at places like the battle of the bulge were so strong.

The anger came from a personal experience when I felt chastised because of my profound sadness after a cascade of difficult events, ending with my beloved dog’s death. I was basically railing against having to put a “happy face” on when I felt anything but, in order to avoid making anyone uncomfortable with my grief. I appreciate your specific comment on the word “oblong”.

Long distance travel is associated with discomfort and fatigue. It is a significant challenge to design a seat that remains comfortable for the occupant over the several hours required for many long distance journeys. When designing seats, an indication of the perception of comfort/discomfort can be useful either for research and development purposes or potentially for automated systems to take actions that might mitigate discomfort.

Right now, that only represents about one car in five, even though retailers may now sell E15 to everyone. Drivers who own older cars are concerned that the increase in ethanol will lead to a reduction in engine power and gas mileage not to mention those problems in the fuel system. This is one of several simple ways to test for ethanol in petrol/gasoline that can help you keep your retailers honest..

In case of suspected scientific misconduct, associate editors should inform the editor in chief or an editorial board member. Unless advised otherwise by the editorial board, the next step for the editor is to seek a response from those suspected of misconduct. If they are not satisfied with the response, they should ask the relevant employers or institution to investigate.

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